Magic & Beauty

Written by: Kathleen Kinmont
Illustrations by: April Ballentine
Produced by: Lisa Marie Wilson

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In the beginning, there was a mystical, black Unicorn with a golden horn who roamed through the dark shadows because there was no light. His name was Magic.

Magic had a lot of time to think about his life. “I wonder,” he thought, “what would it be like, if I had someone to share my thoughts with? I wonder what it would be like if I had a friend.”

He roamed, and he pondered, and when he became very still, his thoughts became real. He was, after all, Magic. Out of the vast, black shadows, stepped a beautiful, white Pegasus, with golden hooves. With her, she brought light. Magic shielded his eyes, but he couldn’t stop looking at her.

Her wings spread out and lifted her up gently. “Hello, my name is Beauty.”

Magic lifted up on to his hind legs and gently touched her hoof. “My name is Magic.”

“And I am the Shadows,” boomed the voice from the empty, vastness. “Beauty is mine.”
And with that, Beauty could not move. She was captured by the sound of the wind that came from nowhere. “You can not keep her,” Magic, said. “No one can own Beauty.”

And with that, Magic touched Beauty’s light with his golden horn, circled it into the darkness of the East and created the Sun. Magic was kind and understanding. “I’ll make a deal with you, Shadow, because we all need time to sleep and rest. You have 12 hours to hide and 12 hours to stay, Right now, I suggest you hide.” “Then I will hide underneath you,” Shadow said, “and follow you through your day.” “Fair enough,” Magic agreed. “But you must release her.”

Shadow disappeared and Beauty was instantly released. She tried to look at the sun, but it was too bright. She looked down at the shadow under her hooves, “I love it.” Magic looked at the sparkle in her eye and said, “Will you walk with me and be my friend?” She looked at the vast emptiness, “Yes, but what will we walk on?”

He stopped and thought for a moment, then touched the tip of his golden horn near his hoof, “This,” he said. A brown hard surface appeared, and they magically stood on Earth.

Beauty let her hooves touch the earth, “How wonderful!” she exclaimed, and she took off running. The two new friends galloped and ran across the dusty earth for a very long time until Beauty slowed. “Wow, I’m so sweaty, and my throat is dry,” she said.

Magic looked at Beauty, then looked up, and touched his golden horn into the emptiness above them. Clouds appeared and cold, cool drops of Water fell from the Sky, making little puddles from which they drank.

They finished their long drink and stood looking at each other. Happy and content as the rain drops fell on their backs. Beauty and Magic closed their eyes and felt the warmth of the Sun as it parted the clouds, and an arcing Rainbow appeared.

Beauty smiled at Magic. “That’s beautiful how the Sun moves,” she said. “I think I want a snack.” She flew up to the colors of the rainbow and pointed to Green. “This looks yummy. Maybe something this color?” Magic looked out at the fresh muddy earth and thought for a moment. Then he gently touched his golden horn to the earth and tall, green Grass grew up to his shoulders.

“Oh, lovely!” Beauty said. She flew down to graze next to her friend. “Thank you, Magic, so tasty!” she said with the long strands of grass hanging from her mouth. “But I think I would like something sweet and crunchy too.” She looked up at the rainbow and flew to Red. “Something this color, with maybe a little shade?” she asked.

Magic walked up to the mound on the hill and touched his golden horn to the ground. A tree grew before him and bright red Apples appeared on the branches. He reared up and picked one for Beauty as she flew down next to him. He offered her half, and they shared the apple with the joy of friendship.

Beauty smiled at Magic and said, “This is fun, it sure would be nice to go for a swim.”
Magic grinned and cantered over to a big open space and touched his horn to the ground. A beautiful calm, clear lake appeared. Beauty flew to Blue and said, “This color!” And magically, the sun’s reflection on the blue lake turned the sky blue.

Beauty splashed into the bright, blue water, “Magnificent!” she smiled at Magic.
Magic joyfully jumped in and swam with his friend. They laughed and swam and enjoyed their day, as the sun moved across the sky changing the colors from Yellow to Orange to Purple. Beauty looked around at their lovely view. “It sure would be nice to smell those pretty colors,” she said.

Magic stepped out of the lake, shook off and thought for a moment. He touched his golden horn to the ground and up from the grass grew Yellow Roses, Orange Poppies and Purple Lavender. Magic gathered a bouquet for Beauty and placed it under the tree where she had come to rest. “Oh! They’re gorgeous”, she said to her friend. “Thank you so very much, sweet Magic.” “You’re welcome,” he said, “you inspired me, Beauty."

They watched the sun set in the horizon, a cool breeze blew their manes.
Magic gently nuzzled Beauty and said, “Now we are safe, Beauty, as Shadow takes it’s turn while we dream and rest.”

Beauty watched as the sky became dark. “It’s so dark, I’m a little scared,” she said.
Magic looked into the dark shadows and thought for a moment. “Shadow,” he said, “I allowed you to stay with us for the day, will you allow me to leave some day in the night?”
“Sounds fair enough,” Shadow agreed from the darkness. And with that, Magic swirled his horn into the sky, as shiny, little sparkles appeared

“Ooh,” Beauty said with stars in her eyes, “that’s amazing.” She smiled at Magic, and with that smile, Magic hung the Moon.
Then, after a very, very long day, curled up under a tree, Magic and Beauty fell asleep. THE END